Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Public and private cloud services, also known as multi-tenant infrastructure, are used increasingly in the enterprise and by government agencies. With their popularity come security issues that are now high priority. A number of TCG technologies and standards, including the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), network security, and self-encrypting drives can be used to provide security for systems, networks, and data. TCG also is addressing how to interface various technical standards to create an end-to-end enterprise solution that is tailored to meet mission and business needs and comply with security policies within public and private cloud networks.


Effective Cloud Security Anchored by Trusted Computing

  • Establishes trust in the provider of IT services
  • Establishes and monitors compliance to changing IT policy
  • Assesses and monitors compliance to cost, policy, and performance objectives
  • Enables transparency to the physical location of data in the cloud
  • Provides a complete end-to-end set of standards to enable seamless security via an open ecosystem
Trusted Computing Group is developing tools that will help IT users assess the trustworthiness of suppliers, enable compliance, monitor in real time and implement standards-based cloud security solutions.

Architects Guide: Cybersecurity

Enterprises are under attack — and the frequency and severity of the resulting breaches continues to escalate.

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TCG Security Automation Architects Guide

Security automation enables network and security systems to provide dynamic, responsive protection with automated handling of routine security tasks, allowing administrators to focus on critical areas such as threat analysis and policy development. This streamlined approach to enterprise security improves efficiency and reduces cost, and enhances an organization's ability to monitor and respond to increasing and targeted network attacks.

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TCG Architect’s Guides

TCG has published a new series of architect's guides to do just that - provide step-by-step blueprints with examples and tips. Topics for the first three in the series include Mobile Security Using TNC Technology, BYOD Security Using TCG Technology, and Comply to Connect Using TNC Technology.

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TCG Comply to Connect Architect’s Guide

Comply to Connect is a standards-based approach to managing access to corporate networks, both from within and with¬out, on multiple devices as long as the health and state of the devices can be verified.

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TCG BYOD Architect’s Guide

Bring your own device (BYOD) is a rapidly evolving challenge to corporate and information technology (IT) cultures. Instead of having all computing devices supplied by the employer, employees are eager to bring their own smartphones, tablets, and laptops into the work environment.

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Enterasys IF-MAP Leveraging Infoblox’s MAP Server to Deliver End System Control

Enterasys IF-MAP integration with Infoblox increases the visibility, automation and control that enable organizations to secure and automatically provision converged networks containing a an array of end systems and applications.

May 2011 | White Papers | Add to Briefcase


Expanded IF-MAP 2.0 Addresses a Broader Set of Applications

Changes in IF-MAP 2.0 enable new applications in fields such as cloud computing, Industrial Control Systems and SCADA security, physical security, and more. This whitepaper describes those changes and the potential implications.

November 2010 | White Papers | Add to Briefcase


Cloud Computing and Security - A Natural Match

Cloud computing provides Internet-based services, computing, and storage for users in all markets including financial, healthcare, and government.

April 2010 | White Papers | Add to Briefcase

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