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Trusted Platform Module 2.0: A Brief Introduction

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has been addressing the trust issue – and related security benefits – for PCs, servers, networking gear and embedded systems for more than a decade, driven by the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) specification. Latest Version: Trusted Platform Module 2.0: A Brief Introduction... READ MORE

TCG TPM I2C Interface Specification

The Trusted Computing Group TPM I2C Interface Specification is an industry specification that defines an I2C Interface for TPM 2.0. As this specification defines only the interface for the I2C-TPM a suitable platform specification must be considered additionally to allow the design of a platform specific I2C-TPM. It is expected that the reader of this specification is familiar with the PTP [2].... READ MORE

Webcast: Securing IoT Endpoints, Networks and the Cloud

Endpoints in the IoT by nature are vulnerable to many kinds of attacks and exploits. Widely vetted security approaches can help close these vulnerabilities while also protecting networks and data that is stored in the cloud. This webcast, hosted by Trusted Computing Group and its members GlobalSign and Cisco, will illustrate key techniques for closing critical IoT securi... READ MORE

TCG Guidance for Securing Resource-Constrained Devices

This reference document provides implementation guidance for trusted platforms built with resource-constrained devices. This reference document is not a TCG Specification and therefore is not normative. Latest Version: TCG Guidance for Securing Resource-Constrained Devices Version 1 Revision 17 ... READ MORE

TCG Storage Opal SSC Feature Set: Configurable Namespace Locking

The Storage Workgroup specifications provide a comprehensive architecture for Storage Devices under policy control as determined by the trusted platform host, the capabilities of the Storage Device to conform to the policies of the trusted platform, and the lifecycle state of the Storage Device as a Trusted Peripheral. Public Review: TCG Storage Opal SSC Feature Set: Configurable Namespace Lock... READ MORE

TCG Glossary

This glossary contains definitions of terms created by TCG, or terms that have a particular meaning in trusted computing, or terms that cause particular confusion in trusted computing. TCG Glossary... READ MORE

Architects Guide: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Companies and employees are increasingly exploring and embracing the concept of BYOD in the workplace. BYOD allows employees, partners, contractors, or guests to have an appropriate level of access to the enterprise network through their own mobile devices. The advantages are obvious: The company obtains increased productivity and possibly reduces equipment cost The user has the convenience of ... READ MORE

Multiple Stakeholder Model

The Multiple Stakeholder Model (MSM) is an informative reference document that describes use cases, recommended capabilities, and various implementation alternatives to allow multiple stakeholders to coexist safely on a mobile platform.  This document includes guidance on how to leverage TCG specifications to realize each alternative.  In particular, this document emphasizes the role of the Trus... READ MORE

TNC IF-M Segmentation Specification

The Trusted Network Communications (TNC) Work Group defines an open solution architecture that enables network operators to evaluate and enforce policies regarding endpoint integrity when granting access to a network infrastructure. Latest Version: TNC IF-M Segmentation Specification Version 1.0, Revision 5 Supporting Documents: IF-M Segmentation Specifications FAQ... READ MORE

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