RSA Conference 2014: Get Proactive with Security

TCG hosted its annual workshop during RSA Conference 2014 on Monday, February 24, 2014


Monday Association Seminar:

Get Proactive with Security: A Session on Using Trusted Computing to  Free  Security Resources for the Day-to-Day Fires

Resources Available for Download: 

  • Program Guide: includes sessions schedule, complete demonstration showcase descriptions, speaker bios and headshots

  • Press Release: includes session topics, including moderators and panelists
  • Press Release: Includes information on demonstration showcase and technologies in action by member companies

Session Agenda:

Welcome and Introduction to the Trusted Computing Group (TCG)
Dr. Joerg Borchert - President, Trusted Computing Group
Panel: Endpoint Compliance and Security Automation

Jon Oltsik – Senior Principal Analyst,  Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)
Steve Whitlock – Chief Security Architect, The Boeing Company

Dan Griffin - Founder, JW Secure and Microsoft Enterprise Security MVP

Dave Waltermire - Security Automation Architect, NIST

Panel: Will the Real Trusted Platform Module (TPM)Please Stand Up?

Paul Roberts – Editor in Chief and Founder, The Security Ledger
Gal Shpantzer – Security Consultant and Analysts , SANS
Monty Wiseman – Security Researcher, Intel Corporation

Dustin Ingalls - Partner Group Program Manager, Windows Security, Microsoft

Panel: Mobile Device Security: Fact or Fiction

Victor Wheatman – Global Information Security Market Analyst and Enterprise Advisor
Eric Green - SVP, Business Development, Mobile Active Defense & Program Director, SC World Congress

Rick Doten – Chief Information Security Officer, DMI, Inc.

Jason Conyard - Information Technology Vice President - Juniper Networks




Demonstration Showcase Participants:

Endpoint Compliance & Self-encrypting Drives
Practical Network Segmentation for Industrial Control System Security
Mobile BYOD Security
Near Real Time Network Security with Open Source Tools


TPM Software Stack (TSS) System API
Data Protection in a BYOD World: Security Automation
Solid-State Drives with Self-encryption: Solidly Secure
Endorsement Credentials for TPM Mobile
    Enhanced Embedded System Security Solutions Using TPMs
User and Device Identity Solutions: Virtual Smart Cards
SED Management wtih HP Drive Encryption
Security Automation Made Easy with Enterprise Drives