With the increasing dependence on information systems, every end-user organization relies on high operational efficiency of the infrastructure while reducing the operational costs of maintaining standalone infrastructures. The TCG can establish standards on which improved information flow and infrastructure management efficiency are based, with consideration to making the infrastructure more cost effective for the customer. Whether these costs are a measure of energy, physical space, IT expertise, or some other aspect of IT infrastructure operation, it is becoming increasingly critical to enable trust models and interoperability that support secure multi-tenant use and management of back-end infrastructure, and permit the sharing of high-density IT resources.

TCG’s Trusted Multi-Tenant Infrastructure (TMI) architecture is an open framework, which defines end-to-end reference models for the practical deployment of trusted cloud or shared infrastructures.
Key Objectives for the TMI Work Group:

  • Standards framework for implementing
  • Shared Infrastructures
  • Multi-provider infrastructures
  • Reference models and implementation guidance
  • Identify and address gaps in existing standards

Michael Donovan

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Distinguished Technologist; Work Group Co-Chair

Guerney Hunt

IBM, Research Staff Member; Work Group Co-Chair


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Trusted Multi-Tenant Infrastructure Reference FrameworkReference DocumentCloud, TMI
TCG Trusted Multi-Tenant Infrastructure Use CasesReference DocumentCloud, TMI
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