The purpose of the Server Working Group provides definitions, specifications, guidelines, and technical requirements as they pertain to the implementation of TCG technology in servers. The work group endeavors to produce material that allows compatibility with currently specified API’s and further enables current TCG infrastructures.

Servers are a fundamental element of the internet architecture, including public and private deployments, clouds, and data centers. Servers are central components of architectures and instantiations across the spectrum of uses, for example data processing, web serving, smart device applications, telecommunications, and the Internet of Things. As such, servers are a central component of the TCG Architecture and Trusted Computing ecosystem.

Carey Huscroft

Cybersecurity and Advanced Technology Strategist, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise; Work Group Chair

Carey Huscroft develops strategy in cybersecurity and advanced technology in Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE). Carey is a lead architect on the Hewlett Packard Labs The Machine project. Carey is also active in security research and in developing technology roadmaps.


Resource NameResource TypeResource Tag
TCG Physical Presence Interface SpecificationSpecificationFirmware, Implementer, Trusted Platform Module
TCG ACPI SpecificationSpecificationFirmware, Implementer, Trusted Platform Module
TCG EFI Protocol SpecificationSpecificationFirmware, Implementer, Trusted Platform Module
TCG Architecture Overview, Version 1.4OverviewImplementer
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Resource Directory

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