The Infrastructure Work Group works on the adoption and integration of TCG platform specific specifications into Internet and enterprise infrastructure technologies to enable various business models in a mixed environment of open platform architectures. Conventions for representing and exchanging information useful in making trust decisions are being established by leveraging existing Internet and related infrastructure standards. Considerations are made for representing platform roots of trust, trust chaining, key lifecycle services and the relationship these may have to owner policies. The work group aims to define an architectural framework, interfaces and metadata necessary to bridge infrastructure gaps.

Carolin Latze

Consultant; Work Group Co-Chair


Resource NameResource TypeResource Tag
TCG EK Credential Profile for TPM Family 2.0Specification
TPM Keys for Platform Identity for TPM 1.2Specification
Infrastructure Work Group TCG Credential Profiles SpecificationSpecification
TCG Infrastructure Working Group A CMC Profile for AIK Certificate EnrollmentSpecification
TCG Attestation PTS Protocol: Binding to TNC IF-MSpecification
TCG Architecture Overview, Version 1.4Specification
TCG Core Integrity Schema SpecificationSpecification
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Resource Directory

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