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"Our membership in TCG not only offers us the opportunity to share solutions for today's security problems, it also gives us the opportunity to understand the demands of the market, including vendors and users. This knowledge has proven very useful in developing products. Furthermore, our product development activities are executed in the context of a motivated, expert peer-reviewed standards development process.  Overall, our visibility in the market has benefited from TCG's many marketing programs."

- David Mattes, Tempered Networks

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Trusted Computing makes computing more secure. 

Systems based on Trusted Computing:

  • Protect critical data and systems agains a variety of attacks
  • Enable secure authentication and strong protection of unlimited certificates, keys, and passwords that otherwise are accessible
  • Establish strong machine identity and integrity
  • Help satisfy regulatory compliance with hardware-based security
  • Cost less to manage, removing need for expensive tokens and peripherals

TCG Standards - Solving Today's Enterprise Security Challenges:

Trusted Computing Technologies:

  • Provide more secure remote access through a combination of machine and user authentication
  • Protect against data leakage by confirmation of platform integrity prior to decryption
  • Provide hardware-based protection for encryption and authentication keys used by stored data files and communications (email, network access, etc)
  • Protect in hardware Personally Identifiable Information, such as user IDs and passwords
  • Protect passwords and credentials stored on drives