Trusted Platform Module (TPM): Built-in Authentication

To date, more than 500 million PCs have shipped with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), an embedded crypto capability that supports user, application, and machine authentication with a single solution. Enterprise systems from a variety of vendors, including Dell, HP, Lenovo and others, include the TPM, as do a new class of ultrabooks for both business and home use.

The TPM, a simple, yet revolutionary concept, ensures only authorized users and authorized PCs are on an enterprise network. It also acts as a secure vault for certificates, keys and passwords, negating the need for costly tokens.

TPM Solutions For:
Platform Integrity
  • Measures and reports on the integrity of platform, including the BIOS, disk MBR, boot sector, operating system and application software, to ensure no unauthorized changes have occurred

Malware Prevention

  • Prevents rootkits and other malware by ensuring platform integrity prior to boot
  • Helps administrators ensure that systems are healthy prior to network connection

Email Security

  • Strengthens X.509 certificate-based email
Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Provides a first factor, "something you have," for authentication
  • An optional second factor, such as a PIN, password or biometric can be added
Remote and Wireless Access Security
  • Provides hardware-based security for secure remote access without the costs and hassles associated with deploying and managing smart cards or hardware tokens
  • Securely identifies a user and/or machine and automatically integrates with the IEEE 802.1x authentication framework for strong authentication to wireless networks

Mazda North American Operations

Wave Systems’ EMBASSY® software and Seagate self-encrypting hard drives help Mazda North American Operations achieve Japan’s Sarbanes Oxley (J-SOX) compliance.

June 2010 | Case Studies | Add to Briefcase


VEGA Deutschland

Wave Systems’ EMBASSY® software for managing self-encrypting hard drives provides unrivaled data security for VEGA’s laptops and minimizes administrative tasks.

June 2010 | Case Studies | Add to Briefcase


Data Protection for Regulatory Compliance

Wave EMBASSY(r) Remote Administration Server and Seagate full disk encryption (FDE) hard drives help CBI Health protect confidential patient and healthcare information

March 2009 | Case Studies | Add to Briefcase


Wave Trusted Drive Manager and Seagate Full Disk Encryption (FDE) Hard Drives Help AdaptaSoft Protect Confidential Payroll Information

With ERAS, AdaptaSoft has a single, powerful tool to manage both FDE hard drives and Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs), ensuring future flexibility as these trusted devices replace software-based point solutions.

March 2008 | Case Studies | Add to Briefcase

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