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"Our membership in TCG not only offers us the opportunity to share solutions for today's security problems, it also gives us the opportunity to understand the demands of the market, including vendors and users. This knowledge has proven very useful in developing products. Furthermore, our product development activities are executed in the context of a motivated, expert peer-reviewed standards development process.  Overall, our visibility in the market has benefited from TCG's many marketing programs."

- David Mattes, Tempered Networks

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Trusted Computing

Trusted Computing based on hardware root of trust has been developed by industry to protect computing infrastructure and billions of end points.

TCG created the Trusted Platform Module cryptographic capability, which enforces specific behaviors and protects the system against unauthorized changes and attacks such as malware and root kits. As computing has expanded to different devices and infrastructure has evolved, so too has TCG extended the concept of trusted systems well beyond the computer-with-a-TPM to other devices, ranging from hard disk drives and mobile phones.

Standards-based Trusted Computing technologies developed by TCG members now are deployed in enterprise systems, storage systems, networks, embedded systems, and mobile devices and can secure cloud computing and virtualized systems. Thousands of vendors offer a variety of Trusted Computing-based products, including hardware, applications, and services.

The result is that systems, networks, and applications are safer, less prone to viruses and malware and thus not only more reliable but also simpler to deploy and easier to manage. 

Trusted Computing: A Framework for Data and Network Security