Mobile Security

Mobile Security

In a dramatic transition the last few years, today's enterprise workers increasingly rely on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. In fact, one study noted that 73 percent of enterprises now allow non-IT managed devices to access corporate resources. That opens corporate data and networks to significant security risks.

Trusted Computing offers many solutions to securing mobile devices and ensuring the bring-your-own-device trend, known as BYOD, does not result in data loss or breaches, malware, unauthorized network access or other security challenges.

For example, enterprises today can use existing Trusted Network Connect (TNC) industry standards to ensure that guest workers, contractors and on-the-go staff safely and securely connect to the corporate network.

Mobile phones themselves can be secured via the Mobile Trusted Module, or MTM, developed in TCG by leading mobile phone vendors and the mobile phone community. By including the hardware root of trust in the device itself, secure transaction, safe storage of keys and certificates and assurance of integrity can be implemented.

Finally, TCG is developing implementation guidance and reference architectures to tie together existing and emerging Trusted Computing Group specifications and technologies.

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