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Trusted Mobility Solutions

Trusted Mobility Solutions

Users everywhere increasingly rely on mobile devices (including smartphones, tablets, and laptops) to do their work – no matter where they are located.  A 2011 report from IDC noted that almost a third of enterprise users were accessing corporate resources and doing their corporate work on a smartphone.  Since then, smartphone and tablet sales have skyrocketed.  These smart, connected devices augment and often replace the hundreds of millions of laptops that already present significant security issues for corporate IT and security staff.

TCG's Trusted Mobility Solutions (TMS) Work Group’s mission is to provide solutions guidance to individuals and organizations interested in leveraging Trusted Computing technologies to help ensure the reliability of their mobile devices, networks, and data.  For example, mobile devices ideally should include trustworthy device identity, device integrity, and secure storage.  In enterprise environments, trusted mobile devices should also be integrated with policy provisioning, strong authentication, access control, and application and data protection mechanisms.  These trusted mobile devices could support a wide variety of sensitive applications, including mobile banking, mobile payment, and healthcare.

The TMS Work Group is defining detailed use cases and a continually evolving solutions framework that includes implementation guidelines and best practices and incorporates proven Trusted Computing technologies along with other established industry standards.



GlobalPlatform & TCG Liaison Discussion

Jon Geater, CTO of Trustonic, outlines the joint work that is ongoing between GlobalPlatform and Trusted Computing Group (TCG) and the benefits of aligning the TEE and TCG Trusted Platform Module specifications.

January 2015 | Presentations | Add to Briefcase


TCG Educational Webcasts

View the TCG hosted BrightTalk webcast channel.

May 2014 | Podcasts/Webcasts | Add to Briefcase


TMS Use Cases - Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The TCG Trusted Mobility Solutions (TMS) use cases consider a broad range of scenarios where TCG technology can be applied in the mobile embedded devices’ context and ecosystem.

October 2013 | White Papers | Add to Briefcase


Videos: Introduction to Trusted Computing

The Open Security Training Team has developed coursework as an introduction to Trusted Computing.

January 2013 | Podcasts/Webcasts | Add to Briefcase


Securing the Internet of Things: New Ways to Deploy Trust in Enterprise Computing Beyond the PC

Today, just about every device or machine in an office, factory, distribution center or any other enterprise is a computer or contains a computer of some sort. No longer are computers limited to desktop PCs and servers and to complicate IT matters, all of these non-PC computing devices are connected in some way.

December 2011 | Podcasts/Webcasts | Add to Briefcase

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