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Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems


Although the TPM already is used in a number of non-PC applications, including digital copiers, kiosks, gaming systems and industrial systems, the Embedded Systems Work Group facilitates the continued evolution of Trusted Computing as a source for security in these markets and to help facilitate the ecosystem to support the concepts of a hardware root of trust.

The Embedded Systems Work Group actively seeks companies who require secure and trustworthy embedded systems. For more informationon how to join this effort, view the benefits of membership today.



Specifications in Public Review

This page contains all specifications that are currently in public review.

December 2015 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase


Guidance for Securing IoT Using TCG Technology Reference Document

This document describes typical IoT security use cases and provides guidance for applying TCG technology to those use cases.

September 2015 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase


TCG TPM 2.0 Library Profile for Automotive-Thin

This specification describes how a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) can provide security benefits to the information technology systems in a vehicle.

March 2015 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase


TCG Algorithm Registry

This document contains the registry of TCG Algorithms.

February 2015 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase



This page includes all registries published by TCG.

April 2014 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase

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