Trusted Platform Module (TPM): Built-in Authentication

To date, more than 500 million PCs have shipped with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), an embedded crypto capability that supports user, application, and machine authentication with a single solution. Enterprise systems from a variety of vendors, including Dell, HP, Lenovo and others, include the TPM, as do a new class of ultrabooks for both business and home use.

The TPM, a simple, yet revolutionary concept, ensures only authorized users and authorized PCs are on an enterprise network. It also acts as a secure vault for certificates, keys and passwords, negating the need for costly tokens.

TPM Solutions For:
Platform Integrity
  • Measures and reports on the integrity of platform, including the BIOS, disk MBR, boot sector, operating system and application software, to ensure no unauthorized changes have occurred

Malware Prevention

  • Prevents rootkits and other malware by ensuring platform integrity prior to boot
  • Helps administrators ensure that systems are healthy prior to network connection

Email Security

  • Strengthens X.509 certificate-based email
Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Provides a first factor, “something you have,” for authentication
  • An optional second factor, such as a PIN, password or biometric can be added
Remote and Wireless Access Security
  • Provides hardware-based security for secure remote access without the costs and hassles associated with deploying and managing smart cards or hardware tokens
  • Securely identifies a user and/or machine and automatically integrates with the IEEE 802.1x authentication framework for strong authentication to wireless networks