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"Our membership in TCG not only offers us the opportunity to share solutions for today's security problems, it also gives us the opportunity to understand the demands of the market, including vendors and users. This knowledge has proven very useful in developing products. Furthermore, our product development activities are executed in the context of a motivated, expert peer-reviewed standards development process.  Overall, our visibility in the market has benefited from TCG's many marketing programs."

- David Mattes, Tempered Networks

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Standards Development

Development of Trusted Computing Standards

Security is built into an increasing number of general purpose ICT products, and security standards are fundamental to the integrity and sustainability of the global ICT infrastructure. The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) believes that open, interoperable, and internationally vetted standards are critical for the success of trusted computing, and that the multilateral approach to creating such standards is most effective.

TCG works within the international standards community, and has liaison and working group relationships with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the JTC1 joint committee of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The Trusted Platform Module is defined by an ISO/IEC international standard*. The TCG Certification Program leverages established and recognized security evaluation standards. This program relies on certification by laboratories operating under the supervision of National Schemes of Common Criteria members.

In support of open security standards, TCG encourages all nations to adopt global best practices around standards development and adoption. An open process fully supports worldwide participation from industry, academia, and government with fair and transparent development and decision processes. Specifications must be fully transparent and available to all participants, both during development and for implementation. TCG supports the use of published, peer reviewed standards and cryptographic algorithms.

TCG only supports open standards that are developed through a transparent development process, have undergone rigorous open review, and are compatible with existing global standards. Closed standards hamper both existing and emerging markets, and are detrimental to the security of global ICT infrastructure, representing an obstacle to technology innovation and industry growth. 

TCG recognizes international standards in the field of IT security as the most appropriate method to ensure efficacy, interoperability, adoption and user acceptance. TCG takes into consideration international market requirements through international membership and welcomes participation from industry, academia, and governments in a unified, worldwide Trusted Computing standards development process.


*The Trusted Computing Group Trusted Platform Module specification version 1.2 is published as ISO/IEC 11889 Parts 1-4.