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Unfamiliar with a term used in this section? Check the TCG Glossary of TechnicalTerms for the definition.  

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The purpose of the Server Work Group is to provide definitions, specifications, guidelines, and technical requirements as they pertain to the implementation of TCG technology in servers. This Work Group endeavors to produce a specification that allows compatibility with currently specified API's and further enables current TCG infrastructures.



Specifications in Public Review

This page contains all specifications that are currently in public review.

December 2015 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase


TCG Physical Presence Interface Specification

The Physical Presence Interface utilizes the industry-standard Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) to provide a communication mechanism between the OS and the BIOS, enabling the OS and the BIOS to cooperate to provide a simple and straightforward platform user experience for administering the TPM without sacrificing security.

July 2015 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase


TCG EFI Protocol Specification

The purpose of this document is to define a standard interface to the TPM on an EFI platform. This standard interface is useful on any of the three example instantiations of an EFI platform shown in Figures 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3, as well as other instantiations.

March 2015 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase


TCG Algorithm Registry

This document contains the registry of TCG Algorithms.

February 2015 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase


TCG ACPI Specification

The Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has announced the availability of a new version of the TCG ACPI Specification.

December 2014 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase



This page includes all registries published by TCG.

April 2014 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase


TCG EFI Platform Specification

This document is about the processes that boot an EFI platform and boot an OS on that platform. Specifically, this specification contains the requirements for measuring boot events into TPM PCRs and adding boot event entries into the Event Log.

January 2014 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase


TCG Design, Implementation, and Usage Principles (Best Practices)

The intention of this document is to lay out the principles underlying the design of the TCG specifications.

April 2011 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase


Server Work Group Generic Server Specification, Version 1.0

The Trusted Computing Group's architecture and specifically the TCG architecture as described in the TCG Main Specification is a platform independent architecture to enhance trust on computing platforms.

April 2009 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase


TCG Architecture Overview, Version 1.4

This Architectural Overview provides an introduction to TCG goals and architecture. It defines anticipated scenarios for use of TPM enabled platforms, compliance procedures and anticipated implications on manufacturing and support processes. Anyone looking for an overview of TCG specification and its implications should read this document.

August 2007 | Specifications | Add to Briefcase