Security and Data Protection with Trusted Computing

by TCG in Action

Security and Data Protection with Trusted Computing

Today, the many standards and technologies created by the Trusted Computing Group can now be easily used to embed security into enterprise systems and networks.  For example, hundreds of millions of PCs, servers and other systems include the TPM that can be used in a variety of ways for authentication, to protect keys and certificates and to integrity check systems before malware can attack.


Self-encrypting drives, or SEDs are widely available and many ISVs support remote management and administration of large numbers of SEDs in systems. Finally, network security has become a reality with Trusted Network Connect capabilities embedded into networking gear and applications.


Ways to use these powerful security tools are highlighted in an entertaining, informative new webcast hosted by ComputerWorld. Join experts as they address enterprise security, the role of standards and specific examples of Trusted Computing in action.


Find the webcast here:

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